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We seek to bring out the fullest ability in every student, irrespective of his / her cultural, economical, social religious or ethnic background, but in the sprit of Christ.

For The Greater Glory of God
And for the service of man.

At very juncture of human history we do find eminent persons who have touched the lives of thousand or even millions of people. The recent one is, of course Mother Theresa who won the heart of million around the world.

The Two Visionaries
Oddanchatram,too is privileged to have two such persons who have dedicated their lives for the welfare of the people in and around the town. One is Padmabhushan Dr.Jacob Cherian and other one is Dr. Mrs. Mary Cherian. Having their base in Ambilikkai, both of them through their relentless service have touched the lives of the thousands downtrodden and sick.

For his pioneering enterprise among rural community Dr. Jacob Cherian have been awarded Padmabhushan by the president of India. Both have spent their lifetime for in service of the community rural area. Their conviction is that "fullness of live" is achieved when body and mind are blended together for the service of humanity.
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