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Saveetha University (Saveetha Dental College and Hospital)

A four storied basic medical sciences block houses the department of Anatomy, Physiology, Bio- Chemistry, pathology, Pharmacology and Microbiology and air - conditioned lecture halls. Each of these departments is headed by experienced full - time Professors with adequate junior staff. Since the College is included in the Anatomy act of the Government of Tamil Nadu, cadavers are available to teach practical human anatomy to the students.

The Physiology and Biochemistry departments are fully equipped to teach clinical and experimental Physiology and Bio - Chemistry as applicable in clinical practice. Both the Pathology and Microbiology departments are headed by two separate professors with laboratory facilities to teach basic Pathology and Microbiology with a separate histopathology laboratory and a laboratory with adequate facilities for microbial culture. These basic science departments also help the general hospital to carry out relevant investigations for patients.

Dental Hospital: The Dental Hospital is equipped with over 300 dental chairs and units, which are distributed to the different dental specialties. Each clinic has its own stores, sterilization room, staff room and a laboratory to increase the efficiency in management of patients. An average of 400 patients are treated daily between the various departments.

Department of Oral and Diagnosis, Medicine and Radiology: This post graduate training department has range of diagnostic equipment required for diagnosis of diseases of mouth, jaws and face. In addition to OPG and Cephalostat it has state of art diagnostic equipment like RVG, intra oral camera etc.

Department Of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: This post graduate training department is involved in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of congenital and acquired diseases of the teeth, mouth jaws, face and associated structures. The out patient department has fully equipped 10 chair, air conditioned minor operating suite, where oral surgical procedures are carried out under local anaesthesia and intravenous sedation. The Department utilizes the triple operating room suite and inpatient beds in the general hospital for patients requiring general anaesthesia.

Department of Prosthetic Dentistry: A post graduate training department which specializes in the art and science of providing artificial replacements for teeth, jaws and facial parts, It has state of the art dental laboratories and ceramic units. It has an active dental implantology programme in conjunction with the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Department of Conservation Dentistry and Endodontics: This post graduate training department specialises in the restoration of diseased teeth with the help of the latest restorative materials and Endodontics. The department has a full fledged, pre clinical laboratory equipped with the latest technology and phantom heads, where preclinical students and post graduate students can have a "feel" of treatment procedures before they are carried out in patients.

Department of Periodontia: This fully equipped post graduate department specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the gums and supporting structures of the teeth. The department specialises in advanced treatment procedures like bone grafting and GTR (guided tissue regeneration).

Department of Orthodontia: This predominantly post graduate department deals with the correction of irregularities in the dentition and growth of face. It provides preclinical and clinical training to both under graduates and post graduates.

Department of Pedodontics: This department deals with the management of diseases of teeth and mouth in children under one roof. The department provides a comprehensive treatment encompassing various aspects of dentistry and adapting them to suit the needs of children. Several modern preventive dentistry techniques are adapted to offset dental disease in children.

Department of Community Dentistry: This department is actively involved in the public health education and prevention of dental and oral diseases. It is also involved in epidemiological studies in the adjoining community. Mobile dental clinics are used for educational and treatment needs.

Department of Oral Pathology: This department utilizes special histopathology and histochemistry techniques for diagnosis of diseases of the mouth jaws and salivary glands. It is also involved in the ongoing Oral Cancer Research Project.