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The College provides a range of facilities for living and learning. These facilities expand qualitatively and quantitatively with time. The 38-acre campus is a treat to the eyes throughout the year. Towering trees and flowering shrubs, cacti and lush green vegetation, provide a natural setting for academic activities. The flame of the forest and the gul mohur riot in colour when they bloom. Against this stunning background rise the redbrick buildings characteristic of the Saracenic style of architecture. As one perceptive foreign dignitary remarked, the American College campus is "the most campus-like campus". In the midst of hectic change all around, the serenity of the campus still remains undisturbed. Students from different states give a multi-cultural dimension to the campus.

The Daniel Poor Memorial Library (DPM) is centrally located. This important building houses about 1,30,000 books. The library also subscribes to nearly 700 different journals covering a wide range of subjects. Apart from the collection of books and journals, the library can boast of rare antiques, archaeological artefacts and ancient coins as well. There are also departmental libraries to meet the special needs of each subject. These libraries and the DPM library are interconnected by a computer network. There is an online catalogue for user convenience. The open access system enables the student to use the library independently.

Computer Facilities
One of the earliest computers in Madurai city landed at the American College three decades ago. Today the facility has grown into a full-fledged computing centre. This has enabled the wide use of the computer by the faculty and all the students. The computers in the college are interlinked. The computing centre also has access to the internet.

The Jubilee Chapel
The Chapel, built in the golden jubilee year (1931) of the college, is central to the life and work on campus. It is one of the most beautiful among the college buildings.

About a third of the students live in five Halls on campus, one of which is for women. The mess rates are kept low, affordable even to the economically challenged students. Elected student representatives manage the mess, under a dividing system. There is no provision for special food even at extra cost. Up to 3 or 4 students live in a room. Quite often lifelong friendships blossom here, transcending the divisions in society. Each Hall is under the care of a warden, assisted by resident young faculty. They are available for consultation and advice whenever needed.